Flavours & heritage


chautagne vineyards, richness of the past and exquisite flavours

Chanaz, the little Savoyard Venice, is the witness of past centuries and ancient know-how, its heritage and traditions are an incessant evocation of memories and wonderful stories mixing flavours and heritage.

Heritage: The Gallo-Roman Museum, the Gothic chapel, the Ecluse, the Maison de Boigne (now the town hall), the palafittic sites, the Hautecombe Abbey, 5 km away, are all cultural treasures waiting for you.

Flavours: As you stroll down a narrow street, the sounds and smells of the craftsmen’s stalls will awaken all your senses: oil mill, Chanaz burners, cheese factory, etc. An escape to the sunny hillsides of Chautagne will also allow you to discover its many vineyards.


along the canal




a stopover between the rhone and the lake




on foot or by bike








enjoy the winter



flavours & heritage